Re-Building Magna-Tiles

No two Magna-Tiles Creations are the same! What happens when you accidentally knock down your structure or your dog comes over and hits your castle with his tail? Time to rebuild!

Sometimes, we are glad when this happens! At first, children might feel frustrated or discouraged but do not give up! Start building again! Rebuilding a creation is an opportunity to change or improve your design! Maybe a different shape will look better or provide more support! Maybe you have a different idea that you’d like to implement this time around! Or maybe you’d just like to change the colors of the pieces to make a cool pattern! Magna-Tects are smart!

As Magna-Tects spend more time playing and building, they will learn new techniques to creating big, beautiful structures! Does it make a difference which direction you build in or how you align the walls? Challenge yourself!

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors Collage

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